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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Uncertain about the Future?

There are plenty of doom-sayers predicting disasters. It seems to sell. I have always wondered why these people charge for their books if they really believe the world will end. What good is money if the world no longer exists?

Many of the prophets of doom predict an almost insurmountable challenge for the existence of mankind. They predict the worthlessness of all currencies, chaos among governments and the destruction of all civilization. Those that appeal to the conservative groups say that it comes through overspending and the failure of governments to act responsibly. Those who appeal to the more liberal groups say that it will be caused by the destruction of the environment.

Each of these disaster peddlers gives advice in how these problems can either be averted or taken advantage of. So, we have one side telling us to recycle, ride a bicycle to work and bathe every third day while the other side is telling us to store food, stock up on guns and ammunition and put all our assets in gold.

Those of us who are reading this dire predictions don't really know what to do. We may not have the money to buy gold nor the ability to ride our bikes to work (which I do, by the way). Who can you trust? Who should you put your trust in?

I remember hearing a preacher once tell his congregation that God was still sovereign even if the person who won the election wasn't the one they had chosen.

I have seen many things that are terrible have great results. I have seen that God can take the worst of situations and make them good. I have seen murders turn into positive changes in many lives. I have seen God reveal things that would never have been seen if bad things hadn't happened.

A couple of years ago one of my church members was taking out the trash when the wind caught the trashcan. I fell back against him so hard that it cracked a couple of his ribs. The x-ray that was ordered to check his injuries revealed a spot on his lung. He began treatment for the cancer and is cancer free and alive because of what appeared to be a bad thing. Another member went to the doctor because of his sore throat to find that his heart didn't sound quite right. He is having his heart treated without any damage to the heart because of his doctor saw him with a sore throat.

If God can make these things, which appeared to be bad, turn out to the advantage of those who love Him, can't He also take our world and make what appears to be a disaster into something that will be good for those who love Him too?

God is still in control and we can still put our trust in Him.

Maybe we have gotten to the heart of the problem. Maybe our worries come from listening to the prophets of doom rather than listening to our Lord.

Yes, bad things happen to good people. But God didn't lose control when they happened. We can trust Him because He loves us.

Psalms 103:19 (NIV)
19 The LORD has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all.

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