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Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Start a Fire

I have just had a load of wood delivered so I can light my fireplace. The wood is oak. It is very hard to burn. I have found the following method works best.

I must have a flame. Nothing will burn unless I first produce a flame. I have some long fireplace lighting matches I use. They work fine.

I need something that catches on fire easily. I generally use old newspaper. Over that I put some small branches. Upon that is larger pieces of wood.

I must let the larger pieces of wood burn sufficiently before I place the logs on the fire. It takes a significant amount of heat to burn oak. The logs can't be that large. It takes a great amount of heat to burn large oak logs.

The fire must be stirred occasionally. It will eventually burn out if left alone. The logs aren't that close to each other after they have burned for a while. Some of them may fall into the back of the fireplace and go out altogether. They must be moved around and forced to get closer together for those who are by themselves always go out.

New logs have to be placed on the fire to keep the fire going. New logs placed on very hot coals and burning logs will catch fire much quicker and add to the heat.

That which is left untended will always burn itself out.

Churches are just like fires in the fireplace.

Did you hear me?

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