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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Always Guard Your Heart

The heart is very special. It is in our hearts that evil arises. It is in our hearts that we keep God's word. The heart must be guarded. It can do incredible evil or good. That is why Satan would like to fill it.

Surely you have watched at least one movie with Satan in it. He is depicted as this ugly creature who wants to destroy us. I find this description awfully convenient if that is now who he is and wants to do. The Bible says that he was beautifully created. Why should I believe he is so ugly now?

Satan does not need to destroy us if he can do more damage by filling our hearts. He works at this. He wants to accuse us of our sins even when we are forgiven. He wants to prey on our weaknesses like pride and greed. He wants to fill the heart with temptations which will have us work against the cause of Christ. He does not like our obedience to God. He certainly doesn't want us giving God glory. He is willing to make concessions to have our hearts. He will let a church prosper if he can control it. He will let us do the same. He tried to do all this with Jesus.

Satan does not have the ability to force his way into our hearts. He is very observant and knows our weaknesses. He tempts us while we are afraid. He gives us an ungodly way out of our circumstances. He loves desperate people.

This is why we must so carefully guard our hearts. We need to know how we have failed because that will reveal his attempts to fill our hearts. He will try anything that will appeal to our flesh. Guard your heart of it can be filled by Satan to lie and be full of pride. Satan doesn't need to possess us as long as we allow him to fill our hearts.

"Annaias," Peter asked, "why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit. . . ? (Acts 5:3)


Rebecca said...

So if everythings going wrong I must be doing something right?

Prentis said...

Not always, but it should remain a possibility.