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Saturday, July 16, 2011

When the Devil Comes Calling

Many Christians deny the existence of the devil. They admit to evil but deny that there is a force behind it. They admit to bad things happening but they deny that there is an intelligent force behind it. For them, things just happen.

I believe that many of these Christians deny the presence of the devil because he has not overtly opposed them. He has kept the peace between them and himself because they aren't causing him any trouble. They have failed to get in his way. They have participated with him in the destruction of godly people by gossip. They have been the "devil's advocate" at church meetings. They have challenged God's word as whether or not it is truthful, relevant and/or accurate. No, the devil's best position is to leave these people alone.

On the other hand, the devil stood before God to get permission to cause Job hardship. Why was that? Well, God brought up Job's name because Job had been so faithful. The devil believed that Job would curse God if God would just stop being so good to him. So, the devil was given permission within limits. It seems apparent that serving God fully causes the devil to seek permission to cause havoc in our lives. Remember, that Peter had said that he would never leave the Lord Jesus when Jesus told him that the devil had obtained permission to "sift him like wheat." Peter failed the test since he denied he knew the Lord when the pressure was put upon him. Yet, it was his faithfulness, his testimony that Jesus was the Christ, that got the devil's attention.

I am not saying that all bad things that happen are from the devil. I am saying that the devil is given permission to cause bad things for those who fully follow the Lord. I don't believe that God always grants him permission, however, God does grant permission more than I would like.

You are not going in the same direction as the devil if he has come calling. He spends his time opposing those who have the potential for disrupting his plans. You are marked. Your personal defense is found in truth, faith, the gospel and salvation. Your weapon is the word of God. It is the same weapon employed by Jesus to rebuke the devill when He was tempted.

Don't let pride get the best of you with what I am about to tell you.

You must be a thorn in the devil's side if you are being opposed by him.

So, call on the Lord for your strength and oppose the devil. He has gained permission within limits. Resisting ing him will send him running.

James 4:7
Subnit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

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