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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is Your Life Headed for a Pit?

I turned the corner and the sun instantly blinded me. The windshield of my car reflected the sun's rays so strongly that I couldn't see. I immediately pulled the sun visor down. Vision returned and I could see to navigate my vehicle again. I thought, "Being blinded didn't prevent me from traveling down this road. It only kept me from knowing where I was going. It prevented me from knowing I was going the right direction and, therefore, opened up the possibility of hitting something or someone."

This is exactly how many people raise their families, practice their marriages, manage their finances and navigate the decisions they must make daily. The fact that they can't see doesn't stop them from going down the road; it merely makes disasters more possible.

Recently I was talking with another minister when we lamented the frustrations we were having in performing premarital counseling. We said, "It seems that those who have a firm foundation already know what they must do and will make a success of their marriages. Thus, they do not really need our counseling. Those who do not have this foundation do not understand what we are saying which makes our counseling irrelevant."

There is a difference between hiring a person who has a masters degree in nuclear engineering at your power plant and someone who can't spell nuclear. One can take the job and learn to navigate his or her way to success. The other's success is dependent upon extreme luck. You just hope he doesn't blow us all to kingdom come because he doesn't know what he is doing.

Those who have a strong foundation are those who can see. They are not blind because they have the principles necessary to navigate life's circumstances. These principles are a strong faith in Christ and knowing God's word. The first places the Holy Spirit within the individual. He will help that person in walking the Christian life. The second involves knowing the truth. The truth becomes a light to the path of life. It enables the correct action toward stressful decisions. This foundation stabilizes the tendencies to be selfish in how we think or respond.

The best marriages are those of a husband and wife who walk with Christ daily by reading, hearing, studying, memorizing, meditating and applying God's word. That also applies to all the other things you must navigate in this life. A strong foundation is necessary. This foundation will enable you to see.

Jesus said that people will end up in pit if the blind lead the blind. It is no wonder that this is happening all around us. How many people do you know whose marriage is headed for a pit? How many do you know whose lives are headed for a pit? They aren't necessarily bad people. They just can't see.

Maybe you are headed for a pit or are already in one. Start working on your foundation. It will enable you to see.

Psalm 119:105 (NIV)
105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.
Matthew 15:14 (NIV)
14  Leave them; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit."  

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