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Friday, April 16, 2010

People Need an Overwhelming "Yes!"

Maybe you are the person who can't say "no." You can't say it to your spouse, children or other relatives. You can't say it to your boss or other co-workers. You can't say it to your church. You can't say it to the salesman at your door. It means you have a lot of things you don't want.

It means you are living in a different kind of fear. You are afraid of disappointing others. Your life is frazzled. You are constantly behind. You have cluttered up everything and you can't do the things that you are really good at.

Do you want to keep doing this? Do you want to add so many things that others want to do that you have little time for what God called you to do? Do you want to continue seeking the most elusive joy of being perfect?

Why can't you say "no?" It is because you don't have an overwhelming "yes!"

A couple of years ago our church's benevolence ministry decided that its mission was to feed people who needed food. We got out of the paying rent, utilities, car repairs and a sundry of other bills which were brought to us. We concentrate of feeding people. Each week we give at least a week's food to over a hundred people. We are able to give them everything they need for their meals- even meat! We can do so because the whole church understands what we do. We can do so because we have a reputation for doing so. Other businesses have contributed to what we do. Panera Bread has been incredibly generous in giving us bread. Several grocery stores have added to our pantry of food. We work with the local Food Bank to get much of our food. Our church knows its mission in benevolence and is doing an outstanding job.

It wasn't always that way. Our benevolence ministry did a little bit of everything and didn't have a real mission. The result was a lack of understanding on the part of our church and for those who were in need. Of course, this now means we say "no" to those who come for other things but our "no" comes because we have a resounding "yes!"

Answer honestly: Am I fulfilled as a Christian? Do I know that I am doing what God wants me to do? Am I doing some things I believe I shouldn't be doing? Do I have an overwhelming "yes!" in my life? Your answer to these questions determines what you must do.

God has gifted you to do something that is special for you. You will love to do it once you are involved in it. You will use your spiritual gift(s) to fulfill this service. It may be that you have the gift of teaching and need to teach a Sunday School class. It may be that you have the gift of encouragement and need to lead a small group. It may be that you have the gift of mercy and need to start a grief ministry at your church.

You get better at doing what you are supposed to do each time you do it. You get worse when you are doing something that you are not supposed to do. Doing what you are supposed to do energizes you. Doing what you are not supposed to do just makes you tired. You look forward to doing what you are supposed to do. You dread doing what you shouldn't be doing.

When you have an ovewhelming "yes!" you should also have a resounding "no!" It makes our life into a life giving river rather than a stinky old swamp.

You know what you need to do.

1 Timothy 4:14-15 (NIV)
14 Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through a prophetic message when the body of elders laid their hands on you. 15  Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.

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