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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Value of a Child

I have read stories of people who have accomplished much for humanity whose mothers considered abortion. The world is a better place because of them. I thank God that they weren't aborted but I also wonder why people think that these non-aborted people make a stronger statement about pro-life than the non-aborted children who remain anonymous.

Don't get me wrong. I love the stories from people who could have been aborted. I love to hear of their accomplishments. I just don't like saying that this child was more important than any other child who wasn't aborted. Why not a story of a child who became a bus driver or a steel worker or someone who assembles cars in Detroit? Do the people giving these statements realize that they are inadvertently supporting the idea that one life is more important than another?

The pro-choice people want to say that the freedom of the mother is more important than an unborn child. They give the mother's life more value than the child's. They have made a leap from preserving the mother's life to making sure that the mother has a future she has planned for.

Aborting a pregnancy has always been legal when it was done to save the life of the mother. The doctors performing the procedure would have liked to saved both mother and child but could not because of dire circumstances. Some see this as making the mother's life more important than the child's. The doctors know that the child will not live if the mother dies. It is not a matter of giving a greater value to the mother than the child. It is an effort to save one life.

This is where the leap is made though. The mother should not have to suffer the consequences of the pregnancy. They see this as giving the mother the same footing as the father. They give her more value than the child. Thus, it is okay to abort this child's life.

That's why we can't ask pro-choice people to consider whether or not their unborn children might become famous and make significant contributions to society and possibly humanity as a whole. That's their argument. We are simply saying that you might have a child that is more valuable than others. They are saying that the mother is the one who is more valuable. We are making the case for them.

No, the actual value of a person isn't determined by mankind. It is determined by the Creator Himself.
He is the One who knits each person together. It is His work that is interrupted by abortion. A person's worth is determined by God's love. That love is neither more or less because the person has great accomplishments for humanity.

A fallen humanity gives a greater value to one person over another. A revived believer loves each one that God loves. The value of the person is found in love.

Psalm 139:13-14 (ESV)
13  For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. 14  I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

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Anthony Chia said...

On this subject, there are a few things for us to think on:

1. God is the Creator, the Potter; we, the created, the potsherd.

2. Picture of the Potter and the clay, mentioned in OT and reiterated in NT, tells us that it is up to the sovereignty of God to fashion as He desires, and so, since He is the creator of us all, the purpose and value of each of us, is determined by Him. It is up to Him to shape and even re-shape us and our destiny, individually and collectively.

3. However the Potter and the clay is still a parable, meaning, it does NOT depict for us, every aspect of the actual, God our Father, or us. There is one thing that Scripture tells us concerning us as the created of God, and that is that we are different from plants and animals. We are created with a spirit capable of living eternally. And so, our purpose and condition maybe different for our earthly life, visa-vis others, but the differences do not necessarily work against anyone; the earthly life is but a fraction of the eternal life. According to Scripture, when we get to Heaven, it is NOT only Ps Prentis or Anthony Chia will have no more pain, tears or death, but peace and joy; such is for all. This perspective is important so that we would NOT be upset with the Father when we contrast ourselves against others, for the differences that are inevitable (The Potter makes different vessels, some as ornamental vases, some as bowls and plates, others, simply a water jar, etc).

4. Value got to be perceived from the perspective of the creator/potter, for being our Maker. And value got to be viewed from the perspective of the one who deploys us, and if you are a believer, that person is the same - your Creator and God. Paul tells in Scripture that we should NOT judge the ministry of another (in terms of whether or NOT the person is working/serving, doing what he is doing) [We can judge, though, if particular thing or teaching done, is right or wrong]. The reason is simple, it is God who knows what He assigns out to the person; we are NOT the one who assigns out the works, and we do NOT know (unless God tells us) what the assignments are; it is indeed his boss, God, who is to judge/assess him, not us.

5. Now, we are clear, by now, that we need NOT be bothered by the value other people accord on us; it is how God values us, that is important. And so, there is our value as a child/creation of God, and there is our value as a servant of (one who serves) God.

6. While other people's value-judgment isn't that important, our value of ourselves is very important. The understanding that God values us as a child of His, and values us as a co-labourer, should help us to see the value of ourselves.

7. Serious aberrations of how we see ourselves vs how God sees us, can be idolatry, as well as it may cause us to miss out on God's blessings for our lives. For example, some believers cannot forgive themselves when God already has forgiven them; this is idolatry; you putting yourself over and above God. When you have NOT forgiven yourself, and are NOT forgiving yourself, you are likely to be "hitting yourself', holding to notion that you are NOT worthy; such aberrations can cause you to miss out what God intends for you.

Anthony Chia, high.expressions