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Friday, May 1, 2015

Defined by God

Our civilization cannot exist without definitions.  Our communication depends upon our definitions. How would you read this blog if there weren't commonly understood definitions of each of these words? Every word has a definition or it is nonsense. Even the word nonsense has a definition.

Definitions within themselves are neither right nor wrong. They are simply means of communication and carrying on our lives. I am fascinated in the etymology of some words. The roots of these words reveal the cultures in which that have come. Knowing their backgrounds gives me a deeper definition. This knowledge does not make the words holy or evil. They are just words.

Organizations also have definitions. The United States government is defined by her constitution. The USA will not be the country the founding fathers intended her to be if the definition is changed. The constitution has given the people the right to change the definition. Thus, there are amendments to the constitution. Each has been seen as an improvement over the previous definition. While the constitution is an amazing document, it is the creation of human beings. While those who wrote it and others who have followed it may revere it, our constitution is not inherently better than the form of government of many other countries. However, as flawed as it might be, it still appears to function better with more compassion and justice that many other countries' constitutions.

Lately, I have been reading a historical novel telling the story of totalitarian government under the Russian tzars. The country revolted and replace it with communism. It was certainly a different definition of government but it doesn't appear to be an improvement. Some within the revolution were trying to create a democracy. They failed to understand the need for a balance of power. They failed to understand the nature of mankind as a fallen people who have a tendency to want power, wealth and pleasure at the expense of others.

Some things are defined by God. A human being is defined by God. The Bible says that God put humans together in their mothers' wombs. (It is at this point that a lot of people want to ask, "Then, why are some people born with deformities? It is a good question and I don't know the answer. That doesn't change what has happened though any more than asking about any other tragedy. After all, God knows what will happen and doesn't stop these things from happening. We live in a fallen world and all of His creation in this world is fallen.) It is a definition of the beginning of human life. Man has tried to redefine that definition in order to legalize abortions.

Marriage has been defined by God too. It is intended to be a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman to each other and God. That definition has been changed by some more than a few years ago. For many, the marriages that they have today are temporary agreements to live together and mingle their finances as they raise children. The latter is more unstable than the former. A couple who are led daily by God will see their marriages last. There is certainly a tension because each day means a new commitment must be made. It is as tedious as it is necessary.

Recently, the US Supreme Court has considered whether or not homosexual couples should be allowed to be married. (Actually, they are deciding whether or not it is constitutional to ban their marriages.) This, of course, would change the definition of marriage whether they realize what they are doing or not. I wonder if they have considered calling these unions something else. What happens once the present definition is destroyed? Anything can be a marriage when there is no clear definition. How will they define marriage? What can be the criteria? I heard that a lady in another country married a bridge.

I personally stand with the biblical definition of marriage. It distresses me that I and others like me haven't defined it so clearly that the definition hasn't been understood as biblical rather than man made. Once I turn myself over to my emotions, I will change definitions to fit my emotions. I cannot do this as long as I place myself under the truth. The truth is found in the presence of God. God is always found in His Word.

Unfortunately, we cannot be trusted to do what is right apart from God. We must take His definitions of right and wrong. We must take His definitions of human, marriage, love, forgiveness, hope and any other word or organization He has defined and stand by His definition.

Taking our own road on our own is simply a dead end.

Proverbs 16:25 (ESV)
25  There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death. 


Anthony Chia said...

A very well written piece.

I quote (from your article), "I heard that a lady in another country married a bridge." Wow! Incidentally, against the article of yours, previous, previous to this, I liken the Holy Spirit as the "bridge". If a lady marry the "bridge", that's a great marriage! And if she submit to the "bridge", everything is fine; there will be no breaking ups!

Yes, one world order by who? Who is going to helm it? Who can helm it? There is only one; one who absolutely and already possesses it all - Christ Jesus, the Son of God. Who is truly like Him? None. And so, none is up to it.

Jesus, when are you coming again?

Anthony Chia. high.expressions

PS: Meanwhile, USA, my big brother, you are NOT setting good examples, and your testimonies are disheartening for those (other countries) wanting to hold to the Word, the standard of right and wrong, the standard of morality, the standard of righteousness, and standard reflecting who God is - holiness.

Anonymous said...

Joy and be strong in thanksgiving for define of God over us to save us and give best life in Christ with heavenly realm with us with the angels host to be our help ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden