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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why Don't We Spend Some Time with Jesus?

Mark 1:35-39 (ESV)
35 And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed. 36 And Simon and those who were with him searched for him, 37 and they found him and said to him, “Everyone is looking for you.” 38 And he said to them, “Let us go on to the next towns, that I may preach there also, for that is why I came out.” 39 And he went throughout all Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and casting out demons.

The Lord set aside time He would spend with the Father. Many people think that they can't do as He did. They will cite the reasons why. I believe He had the same problems that all of us have in scheduling time with Him. Here's what I see.

Other people demanded His time. Simon went out searching for Him. He wanted Jesus to meet with the people. I don't know why Simon would have been so urgent. Maybe they needed Jesus to meet with those who would financially support His ministry. Maybe Simon just didn't see the value in a daily time with God.
Whatever the reason, Simon came for Him.

That's probably why Jesus started before it was light. He wanted to get ahead of those who would demand His time. He would never be adequate to fulfill His mission if He didn't spend time with His Father.

I suspect that each of us could make this same adjustment. Others are always demanding our time. It may be our spouses, our children, our bosses or our customers. Each one of them wants us to be available at their convenience or, at least, during their needs. The only solution is to make the time when we are not needed.

Jesus had a lot to do. The gospel needed to be preached. Needs of others needed to be met. He had to make Himself known as the Messiah and He didn't have twenty or thirty years to do it in. He didn't do so by writing books or traveling the world. He did it by preaching to crowds, teaching small groups and individuals, healing the sick, feeding the hungry and touching those whom no one else would touch. Each day was full to the max. Surely, He could give up time with the Father so that He could do what He needed to do. Maybe that's why we find Him so tired that He doesn't wake even though the boat He is riding in is about to sink. He had lots to do but He didn't give up His time with His Father.

I suspect each one reading this has a lot to do. However, we will never have so much to do that we can skip having a time with the Father. We can never have days in which Jesus just doesn't exist. Skipping our time with Jesus means we will have to do all that we do on our own power. The result of each day without Jesus is accumulative. The sum adds up to anxiety and stress.

Jesus was called to change the world. He would make a greater impact than anyone before or after Him. Time would be adjusted to revolve around Him. He knew what He must do and He set out to do it. He needed the instruction He would get from His father to do so. In the end there were no regrets. He had done what His Father had called Him to do.

Jesus is not unique in changing the world. God has called each of us to change the world. It will not have the force of the Savior but it may just have a greater circle of influence. It will fulfill our lives. But it will be full of regrets if we do not have a time with our Savior each day because we won't have our minds set on the things of the Spirit. We will give in to our flesh. We will be full of anxieties and stresses. In the end we will either stick our heads in the sand or say, "I wish I had. . . ," but these wishes cannot be met because we can't undo anything nor buy back any moment in time that has passed.

Why don't we spend some time with Jesus? Think of all that He has for you. Think of what He will do with you. Then, schedule a time in the morning to spend a little time with Jesus.

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Anthony Chia said...

A good piece.

A couple of points stand out for me:
1. We should get ahead of those who would demand of the time meant to be spent with The Lord.
2. So, we should schedule to have that time with The Lord in that time that we are not needed.
3. The Lord had a lot to do, yet he gave up, NOT, the time he were to have, with the Father; likewise, it is to be for our case.

4. The "without" effect is cumulative. Without spending time with The Lord, each day, the effect of each day accumulates to the next and the next. Before long, we will be struggling on our own.

I want to write a little about the last point, for I was pondering on this "without" effect, this morning. The details is "gross", and so, pardon me, if you can! Now, The Lord can speak in every circumstance! even when you are constipated, and struggling to force, you know what, to come out. This morning I was at it; never had I in my lifetime, as far as I can remember, had had such difficult time on the toilet bowl. And it caused me thinking! Things can happen like this, does it not - we make a change or detour, and we think nothing is amiss, and then before we know it, bang, it comes, problem! I used to take lunch, and have been having vegetables, no meat, but dinners are commonly without vegetables. But a week ago, I found that I have put on weight quite dramatically (if it carries on, I would have to discard my existing pants!), and so, I decided to skip lunch (well, also to save some money, which I need because of increased commitment). Without roughage from lunch each day, there I have it, after a few days of cumulative effect, I was constipated worse ever! Believe it or NOT, I realized there was a spiritual lesson to be learnt, and it was exactly what was said in the blog - without daily intake from The Lord, one will be "constipated" soon enough! How thoughtless of me, to have let it slipped me, not realizing I would be missing the roughage, to my own detriment. So, I tell myself, the same could be the case, if I make change or "detour", and NOT have my daily intake from The Lord, and think nothing about it, I could end up, needing to do anything and everything by my own strength. Your blog entry just reminded me of it again! I did say it is "gross", but the Spirit spoke!

Anthony Chia, high.expressions