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Sunday, August 5, 2007

My First Blog

I have known about blogging for years but have resisted doing so. I thought it was vain to think that your thoughts were so important that others would want to read them. I did not see the potential it gives for people to interact-- however impersonally. So, this is my first blog. I hope that I get better at it for I feel very uncomfortable right now.

For those who do not know-- and I suspect that is everyone-- I am the Senior Pastor of Thalia Lynn Baptist Church in Virginia Beach. I have been here since March 27, 2005. We hover around 500 people coming to church every week. The members are incredibly friendly.

We have two Sunday AM Services. The 9:30 service is contemporary by name. I really don't know how to define contemporary. For us, it is songs from Third Day, Casting Crowns, Tree 63 and the like. We have two praise groups who I think are really good. They alternate Sundays when they lead the worship.

The second service is traditional. Traditional, for us, is hymns, responsive readings, singing the Doxology after the offering and such. It offers a very rich experience and represents our heritage of worship.

I am very proud to be the Pastor of Thalia Lynn. These people have been extremely loving toward me and my family. I believe that God gave me the opportunity to come here as a blessing. I do not ever want to take that or these people for granted.

Thanks for reading my first blog.

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