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Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Bible Code

The Bible should be read as a personal message to the reader. However, most people listen to the Bible as if they are listening to the flight attendant who is pointing out the safety features of the plane. They simply do not think it applies to them. So, reading the Bible is the proper manner changes everything. This is the Bible Code.


Anthony Chia said...

Hi Ps Prentis,

Quite a good sermon there. The noices and roughness of early such recordings of sermons, gone, I see. Good. It is much more pleasant to hear it over the net, now, than, your first ones. It is like that, you improve, and that is very good.

Interesting, I just put out a post on related subject - about the need to be Spirit led and spiritually minded, instead of flesh-minded. Nowadays, I am on facebook more than on my blog (and posts are shorter). Hope you don't mind, I repost it here:

No matter how you skin it, you can't get rid of the condition
What am I talking about?
What condition?
Condition in connection to what?

I am talking about none other than condemnation; about the commonly quoted condemnation quoted from Romans 8. It has become so popular, that it is quoted and used by almost everybody like we use "Are you savED?"

Actually, I have come to prefer asking people if they are a Christian or a believer than to ask if they are saved. Why? Because when we use it so, this jargon became taken literally. "I am savED, so please buzz off, stop telling me, there is anything more. Finish-to!"
Similarly, when pastors and preachers kept at it, "There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus", it too, is acquiring a slant quite different from the intent of the author of Romans 8.

Is there no condition to Romans 8:1?

Now, people would argue that one set of original manuscript had it that the "who walked NOT led by the flesh, but by the Spirit", that followed the "There is no condemnation ...." was NOT present in verse 1. I cannot argue with that. But if you read the Romans 8:1-4 together, you cannot insist that there is NOT the condition. What commonly the hyper-grave preachers do, is that they would quote v1 without the condition, and go only as far as v3. They conveniently leave out v4!

Verse 4 clearly reflected the intent of the author, and that he meant it that there is no condemnation for those who are led by the Spirit and NOT by the flesh. That's what hyper-gravce preachers commonly do, conveniently omit that which does NOT support their man-made core theology of the Faith, like the, again, a common jargon, of the Apostle Paul, on salvation; Eph 2:8-10. To the hyper-grace preachers, their Bible does NOT have v10! Anyone who is acquainted with biblical hermeneutics would tell us that the "For" at the beginning of v10 joins it to the earlier 2 verses.

Back to Romans 8's no condemnation in Christ Jesus; is there no condemnation if you are bent on continuing in evil after your entry into salvation, while you live your earthly life? TELL ME YOUR ANSWER IN YOUR COMMENT.

Mine? You can discern from the post.
Now, I am NOT condemning people who quote it without the condition, but hey, we better know it comes attached with a condition. It is more excellent to quote it with the condition.

For Him, I, Anthony Chia - high.expressions

Gabriel Mehedinti said...

God does not exist. If he exist, he will not allow this world to be like it is now. This is my irrefutable prof that God does not exist! I have millions of thoughts about God. I researched God, I read the Bible. I could not find God. Read Genesis 29, the whole chapter and tell me that you find God there. Read Deuteronomy 15:12. Do you find God there? There are many, many verses in the Bible like the above. I went to church for 10 years as a child, but I never heard anybody talking about these verses! Now, you tell me that God is mysterious and we cannot understand him, but the truth is I do not want a God who approve of the things above. And cui bono this mysterious ways of God?
Certainly not to the good people! So I cannot believe that God exist. God is the invention of the church and the pastors and the heads of the churches.