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Friday, May 17, 2013

Fear of the Things of This World Verses Faith- Which Is Winning?

Do you think the news media realizes that it sells fear?

Each night I see disaster. There are tornadoes in Texas, bombers in Boston and despots in D.C. The media rushes to each disaster and conveys the danger in driving, flying, walking and riding a bike. It warns of the jobs that could be lost, the bubble the economy could be creating and the future of a country steeped in debt. It tells of good neighborhoods with bad crimes, preachers and teachers who have committed unspeakable acts and the corruption of the elected officials. The only negative item of news the media fails to report is how poor some of the news reporting actually is.

These reports bring fear into the hearts of many people. They are afraid to go out of their own homes. It is no wonder that gun sales are out the roof. People have been made to believe they must protect themselves from a world that is out to get them.

Fear sells like nothing else. It surpasses sex as a means of motivating people. People rushed to churches right after 9/11 because they wanted a means of protection. The government failed to protect the thousands of people who died that day. How could they expect their great protector, the government, to protect them?

Motivation by fear doesn't last. The crisis eases and people will return to their normal schedules with their regular concerns unless a new crisis brings new fear. Thus, they watch the media each night, getting filled with new fears. They ask, "Will I be able to retire? Who should I vote for who will assure that I don't lose my job? What are the new diseases I need to avoid? How can I know the my car is safe, my airline flight is safe and my children are safe?"

And people are willing to give up anything in order to be safe. They will give up civil rights, the constitution and their faith in order to be safe.

Yes, I said they will give up their faith for they will not do what God directs them to do for fear of the future. They will not take the job that pays less for the sake of a ministry for the Lord even though God has called them into that ministry. They will fail to tithe because they are afraid that they won't have enough at the end of the month. They don't walk where God wants them to walk because of the perceived dangers ahead.

Fear of the things of this world and faith are always at odds with one another.

Will we continue to listen to fearful reports and fail to do what God has called us to do or will be faithful and walk in what God has called us to do?

God's plans for us are never intended to harm us. Do you believe this or are you afraid of His plans?

Joshua 14:8 (ESV) 8 But my brothers who went up with me made the heart of the people melt; yet I wholly followed the Lord my God.

4 comments: said...

This got to do with the subject of overcoming.  Now does 1 John 5:5 really means, like the overly grace preachers and teachers are teaching, that the moment one becomes a believer, he has overcome the world, that he is automatically an overcomer, at whatever the world throws at him?  No.

Now, many of the people mentioned in the entry by Ps Prentis, are believers, aren't they?  USA has many Christians, at least that is what statistics are saying.  But they don't look overcomers to me.  They are full of fear.  Have not Scripture, in 2 Tim 1:7, also said that on becoming a believer, one is not given a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, of love, and of sound mind.  Again, if the Word is not telling a lie, and it is of course NOT, with a spirit of power, of love and of sound mind, and without a spirit of fear, why are still so many who are fearful? Because again, Scripture is not suggesting automatic, like you have become a robot, with no fear possible.  

All of these, collectively wrapped in "it is all God's part, none ours" are deceptions within the teachings of the overly grace segment of our community, that does not help a believer to cope with life.  That is why, believers are fearful, because they are led to believe there is not a thing they should do; God would do it all; how convenient! Of course, it is not happening like that, and so, what do people do, they take matters into their own hands; they would do it their ways, because their teachers, their pastors, and their leaders teach them nothing from the Word to cope, to persevere in, to overcome; it is always the same thing, no need to do anything, no need to help God, purportedly if you as much as think about it, consider what you should do, like what the Word or a godly brother suggests, that would profane grace, and even be falling from grace.  

And so, what do people do? They turn to unbiblical solutions as a coping mechanism, because in their mind, they are reminded about what their leaders teach about falling from grace or forfeiting grace or salvation.  I use the term unbiblical solutions, but to such overly grace believers, if they are true to their teachings, there is no such thing as unbiblical solutions, for sins committed after born again, are not needing repentance, confession and forgiveness from God; purportedly, the moment a sin is committed it is wiped off, for they were already forgiven at the moment of born again of the overly grace believer, according to their core theology of salvation.

Scriptures that are directed at us, to be not fearful, to be courageous, to persevere, to overcome, are read by such, as God are to make all of those things happen! Utter rubbish, the scripture is instructing us, exhorting us, warning us, teaching us, NOT God. If God were to tell God what to do, and there is nothing for the men to do, He would just tell Himself, wouldn't He, instead of telling and directing at us?!

Cont... said...

Cont. From above

There is self-contradiction in the very belief of these group of brothers, the overly grace believers, and it is this: they believe in once saved, always saved, and teach that one cannot lose his salvation, and yet they are so fearful of falling from grace from meriting or efforting or helping God or doing works! 

I am not saying we, believers cannot be overcomers; we ought to be overcomers because Christ Jesus has overcome the world.  We have the necessary ingredients to be overcomers, so to speak.  And so to speak, if you use not, the ingredients available to you, you can cook up NOT, the dish wanted!  The non-believers do not have the ingredients, we have, and we can come up with the dish, the non-believers cannot.  It is not you and I just stare at each other, and then wala, the required dish appears on the table to be sampled; there is a part you and I are to do.

The many places where Scripture said we are so and so, or what and what, or can do, what and what, and even all things, it is meant to have included such phrase as "in Christ Jesus", "when you abide in the Lord" or "while abiding in the Lord", or "in the name or power of the Lord or God".  It is not meant to be by our effort alone or that everything God got to do; it is we working with God, we doing our part, be it be of right understanding, belief, attitude, faith in God, frame of mind, heart-condition or speech or actions, and God doing what He knows is the part He is to do.

When believers are NOT taught this way, rather be drummed at with "it is all God's part; you should try or effort; you should just bask in grace; if you were to do anything, you will automatically know and will do, for you have the full mind of Christ", they learnt NOT how to cope with troubles of, and things that can cause fear in life.  Since they learn nothing from their Christian leaders, they just have NOT the quiet confidence, they resort to ways outside of the Faith, thrown to them, buy a gun for example, don't mix with others, keep isolated, be preemptive - always strike first, take no chances, be selfish even.

Anthony Chia, high.expressions - I have not arrived; I may be more aware, but I am still learning, and am depending on God, am efforting, am persevering, and am overcoming, fear included.

Mark's Movie Mania said...

Needed to see this today and I guess that is why I found it. Thanks

Mark Kennedy

Mark's Movie Mania said...

I needed to see this today and I guess that is why I found it.

Thanks Pastor.

Mark Kennedy