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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Worst of All Sins

Each day we are bombarded with sins which we did not think possible. Each day the news speaks of things which would never have occurred to us. Someone becomes more creative each time we think things have gotten as bad as they could ever get. We seem to find new ways of sinking in what we once thought as the bottom.

Let's just look at what happens to children. They are abused both heterosexually and homosexually. Some are killed or left for dead by their own parents. People come to their schools and shoot them. They are locked away in closets or basements. Some live with beatings and torture. Some are starved and/or forced into prostitution.And when I think that what I have heard is lowest that any human can do to a child, someone gets creative and does something worse.

Yet, there is always someone who wants to defend the ones who do such horrible things to others. There is always a past that they have or a mental conditon which causes their evil or even a drug addiction which has caused them to act this way. There mothers' often come to their defense denying that their children could never have committed such acts.

I have come to this conclusion: The worst of sins has yet to be committed. The worst of sins will be kept current. We have not yet seen what people will do.

I wish there was a different conclusion. I wish I could say that I believe that God will send a Holy Spirit revival to change everything. I wish I could say that things will reverse themselves. I have prayed for them to do so for so long and I still see things getting worse.

I observe the light draining from the eyes of people. They walk in such darkness because they have steeled themselves to a relationship with God. They eliminate Him from creation and thus, from any influence He might have on the world. They do not see Him as One who defines holiness or righteousness. They see righteousness as their own open-mindedness and condemn anyone who sees their actions as unrighteous or unholy. They become more ignorant as those who claim to be wise in their own wisdom. They condemn the church as ignorant in its opposition to Galileo but do not see that they have done the same thing in their opposition to God. On one side is the stand that claims that the church is infallible. The other side says that the wisdom of the world is infallible. They do not know that it is only the wisdom of God which is infallible.

Thus, they have stimulated their senses without any regard to morality. There is nothing telling them that what they are doing is indecent, vulgar and horrible. Even life itself no longer matters because there is no meaning to life. All that is left is stimulation.

Yes, I will still pray. I know that God can turn things around but I have stopped saying that things can't get worse than what I have observed.

What we need are believers who will live so diffently that the world will either martyr us or notice that we stand for life. Real life. We just can't go along with the things that God has said were sinful. We just can't say it is horrible but live lives just short of the horrible things we observed. We can't act like the world nor take these values as our own. Believers must return to God and seek Him with our whole hearts. Nothing else will change things as they are. Nothing else will prevent us from seeing the worst of all sins.

Ephesians 4:17-19 (ESV) 17 Now this I say and testify in the Lord, that you must no longer walk as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their minds. 18 They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart. 19 They have become callous and have given themselves up to sensuality, greedy to practice every kind of impurity.

1 comment: said...

There was a time when things were a lot, lot, lot worse. It was so bad that every inclination of the heart of man was evil from childhood (Gen 8:21). God brought The Flood. Yes, people do use this verse, Gen 8:21 to say that the end of the world will NOT come by a flood, for God said it, in that verse, that He would NOT destroy all living creatures the way He had done then, but there is nothing to stop the demand of holiness to mete out wrath in His time. Can things get more worse? The worse is yet to come!

But there is an interesting point mentioned in Ps Prentis’ entry, and that is that he prayed, and prayed. In other words, Ps Prentis interceded. And Ps Prentis, through what can be seen, said that things (bad things) continued, and even got more worse. What is said of what is observed is NOT wrong. But who knows how much was divinely prevented from taking place because there were men like Ps Prentis who laboured in prayers, calling for righteousness. Our job often is to do the right thing, and leave the outcome to God. Pray on, I say, and pray on, I say. I find that many of us fall into this fallacy:

“See, it is discernible from Scripture, what will take place; it is a sign of time-lah, don’t fight it!” It is NOT just this, evil getting darker, there are others, like the perversion of the Word of God. Concerning the latter, when I talked to people who can make a difference, what I got was they would throw their Bible knowledge at me, and said that it is written, in the last days, there would be people with itchy ears who would gather preachers to tell them things they like to hear, and then close the topic – don’t fight it or NOT our fight!

Why would God tell us something or leave things to be uncovered by us in Scripture? It is definitely NOT just for fun. It is definitely NOT for us, at least NOT all of us, to do nothing about. It may NOT be everybody’s fight, but definitely some of us, are implicated to do something. At the least, it is to warn us, so that we be on guard; so that as many as possible can be spared. For many of us, we are to pray and intercede concerning such. At the least, if it concerns our community, we must care enough to pray. I mean fellows in the States got to pray for the USA; and fellows like me, in Singapore, got to pray for Singapore, concerning evil getting darker across the globe. Too often, we are adopting the attitude - it will be his house that is going to be burned! Now, if the Spirit shows you that it is your house that is going to be burned, let see, what you will do. Are you going to say, “The Spirit has shown that my house will be burned in 3 months’ time; so be it-lah. I will just pretend I don’t know anything-lo!”? Are you going to do nothing? I tell you straightaway, you will say there must be a reason the Spirit showed me that; and then you will go …. I will take out every precious thing from the house; I will buy or increase the insurance on the house; I will ……

Oh, how we NOT care, that God is grieved by our indifference. Lord, forgive me that I say much, and still poor on record, to walk the talk.

Anthony Chia, high.expressions – The next time, before you say, “It is NOT my fight”, remember there is always a thing you and I can do - pray.