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Monday, October 1, 2012

What Are You Trusting In; I Mean, Really?

Psalm 20:7 (ESV)
7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

Do you think the above verse would be written differently to apply to our current culture? Would it say, "Some trust in politicians and some in the economy. . . ?" 
That seems to be what everyone is trusting in. I talk with lots of Christians who act as if God is powerless to sustain any of His creation. They seem to think that its all up to who is elected or what the politicians do or whether or not the media presents the economy in a favorable light so that people will start spending again.
Why is it that Christians claim they can trust in God for their eternity but can't trust Him in the economy? Why is it that we run to God like crazy when we get sick but just go crazy when the economy is sick?
My trust is not in who wins the American election for president. My trust is not in whether the economists' theories are right or wrong. My trust is not in whether my retirement account does well or badly. My trust is not in my own health or my own house or in my own messages that I preach each Sunday. My trust is in the name of the LORD my God.
He didn't call Himself "I AM" because He knew that one day He wouldn't be! Nothing ever changes about Him. He is just as powerful, just as omniscient and just as holy as He has ever been. He can still raise the dead, calm the sea and feed any number of  people. He still knows the future as if it has already happened. He still gives mercy and saves souls.
Can I trust Him for today? If I can't I need to rethink trusting Him with my eternity!
He is still the Almighty!
What part of Almighty is so hard to understand?

2 comments: said...

To understand the almightiness of God is very important, but it alone is not enough. In other words, the perspective of "big God and small problem/trouble" is not enough.  

Indeed, understanding the almightiness of God, can often help one from falling into perceiving and addressing his troubles as stressful ones, still there are many scenarios where almightiness of God is not the stumbling issue.  There is definitely the need of us, to know God from angles other than His almightiness.  We also need to know who God is, His nature, and such, as His holiness.  

When we do not know what His nature demands, we can be stressed facing the troubles we are in, despite knowing God is almighty. When people do not know who God is, other than His almightiness, they are at a loss as to what to expect from God; and when they are with such "at a loss", they are just tempted to forget about factoring God's acting in their favor.  They take matters into their own hands, and look to other purportedly, more "easily" understood "force" for comfort, despite fallacy is what they are headed into.

It is like "so what if Mr so-and-so is rich; it got nothing to do with me, for I can't see how that is going to help me!  It is not like He will just hand over, a big bundle of cash, to me!"

Ultimately, a child of God needs to experience and understand God's actions for him/her, much like a human child, his parents' actions for him/her. From the experience and understanding, the child grows to factor in, his/her parents or God, into the equations of his/her affairs of life.

There is the God's part, but there is also the part of us, more matured ones, especially, pastors, to help younger believers into the experience and understanding of God' working in the young lives.  Of course, there is also the part each child of God has to play, in this learning and journeying.

When we see the lack of putting God in right place, what should we do? We can pray; we can do more, on our part, especially, for us, who have more mature faith, to help people catch it, who God is.  In prayers, we can pray like the prophets of old, who sought God's mercy for our loved ones, our people and our nation, and the world, even. In other words, we need to stand in the gap.  If we are in position of influence, like we are pastors and preachers, and ministry leaders, we must ask ourselves, in our discharge of our influencing role, what do we provide as food to the people. While it is true that we cannot know God for another or relationship God for another, we surely are to aim at facilitating and encouraging people into knowing God. People got to know God, not just know about God.

Anthony Chia, high.expressions

Deb Willbefree said...

Hey, Pastor! I'm back from vacation and catching up.

I loved this message! I just told my pastor at church Sunday that Christians just needed to STOP it with their fixation on politics and plots and remember who they serve.

You'd think that Fox news was one of the apostles. While it's good to be aware and act accordingly, politics and the economy are not my dwelling place--God is.

haha. You got me fired up already this morning. Stepping off of soap box now. :)