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Thursday, May 3, 2012

What If You Are Wrong?

Each of us puts all that we know together to form our own world view. We establish our beliefs from this world view. From it we understand that the order of things. These things develop into what is right and wrong from the basest of things like eating because we are hungry to the telling the truth because it is the best policy. Maybe this is why the world is so confusing to us.

Some people tell us that we don't eat because we are hungry. Others are telling us that we are not truthful even though we might say that it is the best policy. They "scientifically" prove their theories and we don't know what to believe anymore. So, we start telling people that we are eating because our mothers' didn't burp us enough and we are telling lies but really want to tell the truth. This is all very confusing.

Many people decide to reject what the theories of others who challenge their world view. They become so adamant about it that they will not listen to anyone who presents a different world view. Thus, they defend their political party and deny that any of those in the party have flawed morals because their party is the only one with the right morals. They believe that considering the validity of an argument which does not agree with their own world view will make their concept of reality fall apart.

Many people try to live in different world views at the same time. Instead of rejecting a deviant theory, they embrace it. They are Democrat/Republican/Libertarian/Green Peace/Peta members of the NRA. They claim to be "living in the moment." This, I can't deny.

So, for some people it seems dangerous to consider if they are wrong and others never admit they are wrong. The latter simply goes with the flow. They can go to a Christian church one week and praise Jesus and to a Muslim mosque the next to pray to Allah. They make no sense to anyone who has lasting convictions.

This is all Zen if you are in that latter group. You are nodding your head in agreement with me and have decided to speak to the Buddhist Monk down the street about it all.

But what about those who do have lasting convictions that their world views are right? Can they step aside for a moment and consider a view that does not fit in with their established views?

Now, some pictures of reality do not have a lasting effect. Whether or not you believe you should be a vegetarian or ride your bicycle to work will not have a personal eternal affect. It may significantly determine what you do each day while on this earth but it will not change your eternity. What you consider to be true in your faith will have an ethernal affect. It is very important that each of us comes to a solid understanding of what we believe in this area. Each of us should listen to each other but not all of us can or should change our own world view of faith. We have to consider whether or not we are right. Knowing what we believe is right is a matter of faith.

So, we have to ask where we are gathering our information to determine what is right. Is it coming from the popular view of our communities? Is it coming from our own reasoning? Doesn't it have to come from some place more eternal to be something that determines the eternal?

I, personally, believe we must challenge and confirm what we claim to believe. I have found that the more my faith is challenged, the more it is also confirmed. I have found that people who are willing to challenge their world views will have those views confirmed or refuted. In other words, truth will win out if you will be honest in your search.

The Bible says, "A fool says in his heart there is no God." The foolishness does not come from challenging the existence of God. The foolishness comes when there is no challenge and the "fool" is born because he is so absolutely sure in the non-existence of God. It is foolish to say someone doesn't exist merely because you have not met him. It does not matter how self assured I am in my belief. I must keep looking if I am to be assured in the non-existence of God

The path to ultimate and eternal destruction is found in what seems to be true. Searching reveals what is true. I cannot simply seem to know what is true.

So, what if you are wrong in your unbelief? What if you haven't allowed for an honest search for God? What if you have only accepted what others have told you? What if you have simply stopped searching too early?

Destruction answers the what if.

So, keep looking, keep seeking, keep asking. I am sure that you will find the truth as long as you keep challenging what you seem to know.

Proverbs 14:12 (NIV) 12 There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.


Anonymous said...

Well, something is NOT life or death; something is! Something is core to the faith, something is NOT! What we must get right, are the matters of life and death, and core tenets of the faith. This is the reason I am on the internet on the Christian faith; to speak against erroneous views on the core tenets of the faith, and to give understanding of the same, as far as possible.

Of course, at the end of the day, life is a choice, and is faith is NOT facts, and it is we have to take a stand. Something just cannot be proved, scientifically or otherwise, and we have to go by faith. There is no such thing as “I take no stand”, for taking no stand is taking a stand; and all of us will have our stand on the Christian faith (no stand on this; it is also a stand!), confirmed at the end of times.

I believe I mentioned before, faith is NOT founded on nil knowledge; one cannot form faith out of thin air, so to speak. I also believed I said before, believing with nil knowledge is being plain gullible, stupid or a fool. Our faith comes from certain knowledge, NOT full knowledge, only certain knowledge, we have concerning God and the Divine. In the Christian faith, there is a certain faith, supernatural faith, it comes from God as a gift, but even so, our acting upon it, is NOT with nil knowledge. One probably has knowledge (from sensing, physically even, etc) of His presence, or heard from Him, or had a thought coming through, from Him; it is NOT nil knowledge (Supernatural faith comes from God as a gift, we are responsible for normal faith).

Foolishness is of 2 scenarios. One - forming faith or trust from nil knowledge; like without seeking, one just believes there is no God. If you do NOT know me at all, and I tell you there is a God, and you just refuse to check it out, whether by going to a church, or hearing from someone you know to confirm, and you just want to think there is no God; now that is foolishness. Now, that people don't want to do anything about it, there are various reasons that can be cited. Maybe, plain laziness, “didn't think it is important”, and “NOT time yet”, etc.

The second case of foolishness is plain refusal to accept truth. Now, this is different from absence of knowledge; this is with knowledge and quite enough of it, yet the person refuse to accept. For example, I am from Singapore, and I tell you if you bring drugs into the country (just for a small amount), you will be sentenced to death, if you are caught. You go ask another, a lawyer, and he said the same, and even cited you the law code, but you still want to do that, bring in drugs, undeclared. Now that is foolishness.

Of course, things come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so to speak, and life at times are NOT as clear-cut, as to whether or NOT, one can be termed as a fool. But to me, technically, if you are NOT wise, then you are a fool. Wisdom has to do with being right, and if you are NOT right, you are wrong. Is for you to ponder, if being wrong is being a fool!

The world as it still now, there is really little chance, generally, that an adult can claim nil knowledge of god and divinity. Of course, there is a lot of misinformation flying around, yet, just as Ps Prentis, and I are doing, in our little ways, of disseminating knowledge of the God and Divinity, there is enough correct knowledge circulating in the world. Claiming nil knowledge as the excuse for NOT having faith in the Lord (enter into salvation) is kind of hard to hold water, so to speak. On top of that, Romans 1:20 tells us that we are of no excuse! There is knowledge staring at you and I.


Anonymous said...

COnt. from above

I know no one likes to be labeled as a fool, but seriously, are you a fool of second kind, one having knowledge of God and Divinity, yet do NOT want to bow to Him. Maybe you do NOT like being labeled as a fool, instead you think you are rather wise; you know what, it does NOT matter a single bit what that label is; if it is a matter of life and death, you have to live or die by your stand. Those who have been reading my comments, and lots of it, on Ps Prentis’ blog, would remember the story of “the ant and the grasshopper”. The ant lives for today with an eye for tomorrow, but NOT the grasshopper, who thought the ant was foolish to waste all the sunshine and fun that could be had, and he (grasshopper) just revel away, while the ant repaired her home and gathered and stored up some food. Winter came; and guess what, both the ant and the grasshopper get their stand tested. This story, I heard from childhood days, has its origin in the Book of Proverbs. Well, recently Ps Prentis also touched on Matt 7:24-27 which talked about the “house” we built will be tested, the rain will come, the streams will rise, and wind will blow and beat against the “house”. What is the foundation of your house? It is no joke; we live or die by it!

Stop being an unwise but be wise, you can die if you get it wrong, if it is a matter of life and death. Don’t be lazy; don’t say “didn't think it is important”, and don’t say “NOT time yet”. Take Ps Prentis’ advice, keep seeking. Isaiah 55:6 exhorts us to seek Him while He may be found; call on Him while He is near. Jer 29:13 tells us how to do it – You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. DON’T KEEP PUTTING IT OFF.

Anthony Chia, high.expressions