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Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Don't Watch "Lost" and I Don't Want To

Each time I have been tied up and placed in front of the tv because someone has made me watch "Lost", I have hated the program. Noone understands why I don't want to watch another minute of it. So, here is my answer:

Lost has no clear plot. It seems as if there are two guys locked in a room who have been promised they will be released if they can guess how to end the program. These guys just happen to be the writers. The struggle is always changing. The characters seem to have no purpose. At first, they wanted to be rescued. Now, it seems they want to stretch the program out so that it can go into syndication.

None of the characters on Lost or either good or bad. You can't trust any of them. A society depends upon trust. I would live as a hermit if I had to live with people I could never trust.
Character matters even in tv programs.

The characters seem to stress a lot of emotion which is so often a twist in what they really desire. Okay, once in a while I have seen people who stress emotion without any truth behind it but, come on, every one of them, nearly all the time? They are like an island inhabited by drama queens and kings. Who can really get concerned any more?

The story line is more crooked than that of a soap opera. Three years from now, one of them ,who is pregnant, will still not have delivered the baby. They fall in and out of love with each other like alley cats. They have so many flashbacks and flashforwards that the viewers will have to go through professional counseling. Some may have to be hospitalized.

I guess I am just too simple for Lost. I like a hero with character. He or she is loyal and looking out for the good of others. He or she tells the truth. He or she does not justify his or her flaws but asks for forgiveness. He or she attempts great things at personal risk for the good of others.

I know; I know. If I don't like the program I should just turn it off. Well, too many of my family love it. I won't turn it off . . . ,but I will walk out of the room.

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